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Proper Disposal of Old Roof Shingles in Pittsburgh

Roof replacement is a significant home improvement project that many homeowners in Pittsburgh undertake to enhance the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of their homes. However, the question of how to responsibly dispose of old roof shingles often arises, considering the City of Pittsburgh's regulations that prohibit the disposal of construction materials in regular trash bins. In this guide, we'll explore the options available for proper disposal, emphasizing the importance of environmental consciousness and adherence to local regulations.

Why You Can't Throw Old Roof Shingles in the Trash:

The City of Pittsburgh has strict regulations against the disposal of construction materials, including old roof shingles, in regular household trash. This is due to concerns about the environmental impact and limited space in landfills. Disposing of construction waste improperly not only poses environmental risks but can also lead to fines for violators.

Options for Proper Disposal:

  1. Roll Off Dumpsters: One of the most convenient and efficient ways to dispose of old roof shingles is by renting a roll-off dumpster. Malick Brothers Exteriors offers this service to help homeowners seamlessly manage the removal of debris. A roll-off dumpster provides a designated space for construction waste, ensuring it is collected and disposed of in compliance with local regulations.

  2. Landfill Drop-off: Another option is to transport the old roof shingles directly to an authorized landfill. However, it's essential to choose a landfill that accepts construction materials and to follow their specific guidelines for disposal. Keep in mind that this option may require more effort and time on your part compared to renting a roll-off dumpster.

Environmental Considerations:

While disposing of old roof shingles, it's crucial to consider the environmental impact of your choices. Asphalt shingles, a common roofing material, contain materials that can be recycled. Before choosing a disposal method, inquire about recycling options available in your area. Recycling helps reduce the demand for new raw materials and minimizes the environmental footprint associated with manufacturing.

Proper disposal of old roof shingles in Pittsburgh requires adherence to local regulations and environmental considerations. Malick Brothers Exteriors, understanding the importance of responsible waste management, provides solutions like roll-off dumpsters to facilitate the process for homeowners. By choosing environmentally friendly disposal methods, you contribute to sustainable practices and ensure that your home improvement project aligns with the City of Pittsburgh's regulations.


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