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Timeless Warmth: Embracing Burnt Hickory with Atlas Pinnacle® Pristine Shingles

Malick Brothers Exteriors invites you to discover the enduring charm of Burnt Hickory with Atlas Pinnacle® Pristine Shingles. In this post, we delve into the distinct warmth and practical advantages these shingles offer, ensuring not just visual appeal but long-lasting protection for your Pittsburgh home.

Radiant Beauty in Burnt Hickory:

Experience the radiant beauty of Pinnacle® Pristine Shingles in the captivating hue of Burnt Hickory. With a diverse array of stunning color options, these architectural shingles seamlessly integrate with any home's exterior. Burnt Hickory stands out, infusing your property with a timeless warmth that transcends trends.

Exceptional Impact Resistance:

Your roof is a fortress against the elements. Pinnacle® Pristine Shingles, fortified with exceptional Class 3 impact resistance, stand resilient in the face of hail, storms, and potential impacts. This robust quality contributes to the longevity and durability of your roofing investment, ensuring it weathers the test of time.

Confidence in Warranty Coverage:

Rest easy with the comprehensive warranty that accompanies Pinnacle® Pristine Shingles. Covering damage from winds up to 130 mph, this warranty exemplifies our confidence in the durability and reliability of these shingles. Your roof is safeguarded against the forces of nature, providing assurance for years to come.

Preserving the aesthetic integrity of your roof is paramount. Enter the power of 3M™ Scotchgard™ Protector, actively resisting the formation of black streaks caused by algae. This innovative feature ensures that your roof retains its beautiful appearance over time, adding to the enduring allure of Burnt Hickory.

Acknowledging the unique demands of Pittsburgh's climate, Pinnacle® Pristine Shingles in Burnt Hickory offer a practical roofing solution. Tailored to withstand local weather conditions, these shingles provide lasting protection without compromising the comforting warmth that defines your home's exterior.



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